Welcome –– Paul Temple here from the Diamond Light Network. Thanks for checking out my blog. All of my blog posts are rooted in a basic premise about human evolution and the human heart which may be helpful for you to understand before delving into the writings here. There is a summary “Prelude” of the premise below, or you could go and read Blog #1, which gives a full statement of the premise and groundwork for these other posts.

Namaste, Paul

PRELUDE: The Next Step in Human Evolution (extract from Blog #1)

My premise is quite simple, but of great importance to the survival of our human species. It is about the next phase of human evolution. The premise is that humans can – and really must – continue to evolve so we can grow into a more enlightened species to create a more peaceful and collaborative civilization. We cannot solve the many, many challenges facing humanity with the same level of consciousness from which they were created. There is too much conflict and stagnation in our economic, political and social structures to manifest the changes needed to create a bright and sustainable future for humans on Earth.

So I offer a vision for this evolutionary step: I invite people to consider the possibility that the next step in human evolution is to awaken the full potential of the human heart so we can fully embody our spiritual nature and higher consciousness.

Most people know what I mean by the human “heart”. I am not referring to the anatomical heart, nor the heart chakra, but to that energy center in our being that is the place of love, truth, courage and deep knowing. Some call it “the seat of the soul” or “the seed of divine consciousness” that resides in every being.

In most indigenous cultures this heart center is considered an obvious and instrumental part of human existence. It connects us with truth, wisdom, the ancestors, the Creator and all beings. It is the moral compass – or more of a moral gyroscope that keeps us centered, balanced and on course.

While western-rationalist culture has marginalized the heart as a mythical or poetic phenomenon, I believe the heart center is much, much more than we are taught. In fact, I believe it is one of the most profound, powerful and untapped resources in human existence.

I believe that if a critical mass of humans were to activate their heart centers that we could take not only an evolutionary step, but a quantum leap in our comprehension of human existence on Earth and in the Universe — and thus come to create a very different kind of “civilization” than exists at this time.

What is most remarkable about this simple solution is that YOU have the evolutionary potential to have a fully awakened heart. Right now you can change the world by activating your heart center and helping humanity evolve. This is something anyone and everyone can do.

While the vision I offer may be grandiose, my mission is very simple: to remind (re-mind) people of the great power and abilities of the heart center – and to help us as a species remember (re-member) who we can become as we activate our heart centers. Much of my intention is to simply initiate conversation about the reality of the heart center – and to invite people to feel and perceive the potential that exists in acknowledging the heart center. I invite you to come into that conversation. Talk to your friends about this premise. Bring awareness to the reality of the heart.



It is important to envision (create a vision of) who we can become as humans. Such vision generates a path of progressive manifestation in our collective awareness. Athens, Rome and the United States were not built in a day, but the vision for these participative democracies created the momentum over time to manifest these institutions of human collaboration.

The Seven Qualities of the Potential Human, listed below, offer a piece for a new vision for humanity: we can evolve into an enlightened species that resides in a peaceful, collaborative civilization and is connected to quantum consciousness as well as our fellow Earth beings.

There are many ways and means to fulfill this vision – all of which will take time. It may take decades – or even centuries – but we need to start now. Well, it is not actually “starting” – it is more continuing the momentum in progress – but we are at a critical tipping point and need to accelerate the momentum.

The main path I elucidate is for people to remember and activate the full potential of the human heart center. The heart is the “heart” of the matter. It is the nexus that connects and catalyzes change. It is the turning point, the common thread, the one thing that changes everything.

The heart is much, much more that we are taught in Western culture. It is in each of us, waiting to be remembered and awakened. As we each individually open this portal, we move closer a critical mass of open hearted humanity.

This is not about a dogma to believe. It is not about set of rules to abide by. It is not about a guru to follow. It is about you remembering and awakening your own center of truth and love – realizing the immense power and sovereignty of your own luminous essence which is connected to the divine, love and truth. This connection resides in your heart.

As our sense of self begins to root from the heart center, our whole perspective on life, being and mind can begin to shift. It is said that “All things are connected” – and it is through the heart that this connection happens. As we realize and feel this connection, it can change our daily thoughts, words and actions. It can change our sense of relationship to ourselves, the world around us and the entire universe.

As the heart-centered self awakens, we can begin to realize that we are highly sensitive beings: sensitive to the vast play of subtle vibrational energies in the world. The initial layers of this sensitivity include what I call “evolutionary skills”: intuition, telepathic communication, empathy, clairvoyant perception and working with healing energies.

The development of these abilities has been part of the initiatory path in mystical traditions for centuries. In Eastern traditions they are called “Siddhis” – or attainments from beneficial practice. Their awareness arises as the mind clears of cultural attachments and glamors.

Many people already have these gifts, but there is little training or support to understand them in our current world. I believe these abilities are actually in our genetic programming, but they have been repressed and dormant. Now is the time to remember and develop these skills. They are a key part of our “evolutionary potential” – the human beings we can become both individually and collectively.

So here are the Seven Qualities of the Potential Human that are part of a vision of who we can become as a species. These statements are not immutable “carved in stone” commandments – they are seed suggestions – constructs for a vision which can expand the possibility of who we are becoming as an evolving life form. You may play with them, build from them and extrapolate as you like – they are ours, as a species, to shape and grow into.

  1. Heart-Centered Cognition
    We sense, perceive and process information through the Heart center so the qualities of truth, love, compassion, equanimity and the well-being of all-being permeate our thoughts, words and actions.
  2. Normalized connection with Quantum Consciousness
    Our understanding of mind includes regular connection and communication with higher awareness, multi-dimensional being and unified consciousness. We live in realization of the unified connectedness of all being and move our lives in harmony with the cycles of life and the greater universe.
  3. Normalized connection with Luminous Self
    Within the context of #2, we know ourselves as incarnate beings on a soul-path and we learn how to access our own heart wisdom and higher soul awareness.
  4. Vibrational Sensitivities
    We develop our abilities to perceive the many variations of subtle energy flows, including sensing healing and human energies with the hands, heart and chakras.
  5. Intuitive Awareness
    Within the context of #4, we learn to feel/sense/perceive into the energetic potential of people, activities and events. We listen to guidance from our Luminous Self and Quantum Consciousness.
  6. Telepathic Communication
    We learn to communicate with other humans, plant beings, animals, and multi-dimensional beings through the etheric / psychic planes.
  7. Clairvoyance & Empathy:
    We recognize the skills of psychic and empathic perception: inner seeing and feeling, inner hearing and knowing of what is happening on the subtle / psychic planes.

Paul Temple