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The music of Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix

Greetings – my name is Paul Temple and when I am with my lovely set of tuned Tibetan singing bowls we are known as RadianceMatrix.

The “radiance” part of the name refers to the radiant vibrational sound field the bowls create. The bowls are from an ancient Himalayan healing tradition, handmade as tools for meditation and vibrational healing.

I have come to understand that energy field the bowls create is very similar to what the Tibetan Buddhists call the Vajra – or pure radiant diamond light.  As noted elsewhere on this site, this is what we call the seed of luminous awareness that resides in each person’s heart center.

The magic of the bowls is that the pure radiant Vajra energy field they create helps “resonate” the diamond light in our hearts – so it helps awaken and activate the light in our hearts. Sitting with the bowls as they resonate our heart center can help us remember that we are beings of energy and light. It can help is remember the truth of our heart – and the immense portal it can be.

I also do Tibetan throat singing in the RadianceMatrix concerts – performing chants from the ancient Vajrayana practices which invoke the Vajra energies. This chanting deepens the Vajra experience.

The “matrix” part of RadianceMatrix refers to the network of light that we connect into at every RadianceMatrix event. The Tibetans call this “the jeweled fabric of the universe of which we are all an integral part.” As are our heart-lights begin to awaken and we connect our Diamond Light Circuit (as taught in the practices elsewhere on this site) – each person’s heart becomes a jewel in this tapestry of light.

“Paul has embraced the shamanic traditions of Tibet to create a beautiful meditative expression of peace and harmony. Beautiful music, sacred space.” 

– Deva Premal & Miten

Paul’s Bio

Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix creates beautiful, meditative music on Tibetan Bowls, enhancing their healing energies with flutes, mantras and Tibetan throat singing.  He has toured the USA and Canada offering Deep Peace Concerts as a path to beauty and inner awakening. His album RADIANCE MIXES with the voice of DEVA PREMAL, went to #5 on iTunes World Music chart. Paul has been called a master sound artist and musical mystic (amongst other things). 

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Radiancematrix: VajraSattva Mantra:

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Gatay, Gatay (with Deva Premal):

“It was a profoundly beautiful concert. Paul is incredibly gifted. His voice opens portals and transcends lifetimes.”

– Ad Sach Kaur, Colorado Springs

I was transported to mystic realms.

– John Meade, Santa Fe, NM

Some people play music and some people channel spirit thru sound. RadianceMatrix is definitely a powerful channel.

– Melissa, Boulder CO

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