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Below are a series of podcast recordings of Paul Temple speaking on different themes related to the Diamond Light Network premise:  that the next phase of human evolution is to awaken the human heart. 

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Diamond Light
Heart Circuit Activation 

This is the video instruction for the basic heart activation practice with the Pearl and Axis of Light.

Healing Energy Transmission

A deep sound immersion into the healing powers of Tibetan bowls, the Medicine Buddha and Gayatri Mantra. It is said transmission of the Medicine Buddha can heal the body and soul — and the world.

Hands & Breath: Movement Practice #1

This video is instruction in a simple, Qi Qong like movement practice that helps support and enhance the Heart Circuit activation. It is for people who already know all four levels of the basic Heart Activation practice.

Medicine Buddha Mantra

A good mantra for this time. the sounds in this music video are beneficial to generate healing energy not only for oneself, but for all people and all beings.  You can visualize the blue Medicine Buddha inside the pearl of light in your heart center. He is radiating blue healing light which permeates one’s body and energy field, and then extending out to the planet and all realms.

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