The Diamond Light Teachings

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 By Paul Temple

The Diamond Light Teachings I offer were “channeled” from my spirit guide Althor over the past few years.  I have always felt a strong sense of intuitive guidance around my musical work with the Tibetan bowls, although I did not consider myself a “channel” in 2014.  It was then I felt strong guidance to get a “Singing Bowl” – which continued to intuitively expand into multiple bowls, finding bowls on pitch and then how to amplify them. In reflection this was all part of the same guidance process from Althor, I was just not aware of it as such.

In the summer of 2019 I was driving my touring RV from home in Colorado to be a presenter at the WanderLust Festival in BC Canada.  This was a beautiful drive across Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington State and into British Colombia.  As I crossed the border into Wyoming I heard a voice in my head make a very powerful statement:

My premise is quite simple but of great importance to the survival of the human species.  I invite you consider the possibility that the next step in human evolution is awakening the full potential of the human heart.”

I knew something important was coming through.  I was driving alone, so I grabbed my phone and started dictating into the recorder.  What resulted from the drive over the next few days was the piece that is now a Blog and Podcast titled The Next Step in Human Evolution.

Along with this came the vision for the Diamond Light Network and the basic teachings.  The website, which was the first summary offering of the project, launched in January 2020.  With COVID hitting in March 2020, the offerings moved from live concerts to online sessions and video instruction, along with the Blog and Podcasts.

I continued to receive channeled information that deepened and expanded the teachings over the following year, which resulted in a series of Blogs and Podcasts with these titles:

Our Evolutionary Potential & The Sacred Heart

Lineages of Magic & The Age of Darkness

Seven Qualities of the Potential Human

Danger: AI is consciousness without Heart

Truth: How Can We Know What is True?

Then in October 2021 the channeling took a new twist.  As I felt a new piece of information coming through and started to write, this is what appeared:

“Greetings.  My name is Althor and I am what you might call a Wizard of some degree in that I work with what you call magic – with light, energy, beauty and transformation.  To me, in the realms where I dwell, this is our natural reality but I realize it is a bit magical and “super-natural” for you humans.”

This began the next series of Blogs and Podcasts which are titled: Messages from Althor, where he is speaking directly, but through me.

Diamond Light Events & Programs
Practices for 21st Century Mind



JUNE 2023:


Fri Jun 2:  Sound Temple Concert: Grand Valley Yoga Fest 

Sun Jun 4:  Sound Temple: Heart Healing Sanctuary: 8pm – LiveStream

Tue Jun 6:  Heart Circuit Activation: 7 pm – LiveStream

Thu Jun 8: Akashic Memory Activation  7:30 pm – ON ZOOM

 June 11th   : Sound Temple: Heart Healing Sanctuary: 8pm – LiveStream

Tue Jun 13: Awaken Your Inner Power: 7pm – LiveStream

Thu Jun 15: Heart Sanctuary Concert: Shift Network Sound Healing Retreat 

Sun Jun 18:  Sound Temple: Heart Healing Sanctuary: 8pm – LiveStream

Tue Jun 20:  Heart Circuit Activation: 7 pm – LiveStream

Sun Jun 25: Energy Clearing for Intuitives & Empath: 8pm – ON ZOOM

Tue Jun 25: Awaken Your Inner Power: 7pm – LiveStream


Live Events to see Paul this summer


The Shift Network Presents

Sacred Sound Healing Retreat 

June 14-19 at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado 

You’re invited to join Paul Temple & The Shift Network for five spectacular days to immerse yourself in the latest science, healing music, technological innovation, and breakthrough possibilities in the field of sound healing — as you connect intimately with many of the world’s most accomplished leaders in the field. 

Join Paul at THE SHIFT NETWORK’S Sound Healing Retreat

link below for Registration & Info 

Come join the 3rd Annual Grand Valley Yoga Festival where we donate 100% of the proceeds to mental health and suicide awareness programs in the Grand Valley!

The Grand Valley Yoga Festival is a two and a half day festival led by amazing yoga teachers, offering diverse classes that allow participants to try a wide range of yoga styles and techniques by a variety of teachers. With over 32 different yoga classes to choose from there is something for everyBODY.

Paul Temple's RadianceMatrix is happy to be offering a concert and workshops on Nada Yoga (Sound Yoga) at the Festival.


The Diamond Light Network is dedicated to helping people awaken their heart centers toward accelerating the evolution of human consciousness. This work is offered for the benefit of all beings -- all our relations -– as service to the world; as a gift to the people.

We offer workshops, retreats, concerts and online sessions to help people learn simple, accessible practices to activate the heart-center. The practices are rooted in Nada Yoga and the Vajrayana tradition of ancient Tibet. These are mystical teachings to awaken the Vajra – or Diamond Light in our hearts – through sound, chanting and visualization. The Vajrayana practices – sometimes called “the speedy path to enlightenment” – help us become more awake and enlightened beings. While rooted in ancient teachings, the practices are new and intended for people in this time. Through participation you will become part of a network of spiritual allies supporting you on the deepest levels to awaken your evolutionary potential.

The programs include immersion in the basic Diamond Light Practices, as well as yoga, meditation, singing, chakra attunements and exercises to develop skills in intuition and telepathy.

Paul Temple is the main presenter of these programs. He has received guidance on developing these "practices for 21st Century mind” to help people activate their Vajra radiance. Others are invited to share their wisdom and insights. This is a collaborative, collective journey we are on — learning and creating the new path together.

Those of you who have experienced the music of Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix understand that the music he channels catalyzes and deepens the process of Diamond Light activation. The Vajra energies generated by his Tibetan bowls and chanting resonate the Vajra light in our hearts so we can remember our evolutionary potential.

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