Simple Exercises
to Develop Heart Skills

The Diamond Light Activation Practice (which is here on the website) is our core vehicle to initiate awakening of one’s heart light, however there are other simple things one can do to connect into heart space. 

It is important to remember that simply “remembering” and affirming the reality of the heart center as part of our human energy system is a key first step. We don’t have to do a great deal more than “remind” ourselves of the power and reality of the heart center.

It can take time to unwind the deep pattering we have received from the “culture of disbelief” — so these are simple actions we can take in our daily lives to remember the profound power in our heart centers.

Here are some simple practices to connect to your heart center.


  • Bring your hands to your heart. Breath into the heart. Take a moment to feel inner activity and connection.


  • Use Affirmations – I AM statements:



  • Observe your intuition and affirm when it manifests


  • Use the power of visualization: mind directs energy and activates awareness. Visualize the Pearl of Light in your heart. Visualize yourself manifesting your evolutionary potential – in whatever form that is for you.


  • Touch trees: Feel your connection with the plants. Send a beam of energy from your heart to a plant. Take a moment to feel for a response.


  • Study Reiki, Healing Touch or other energy healing systems.



  • Take a psychic development class


  • Practice Nada Yoga: Listen to spiritually infused music, sing!, play an instrument, chant mantras, use toning or humming to vibrate your own energy field.


  • Ask your higher awareness for guidance. Listen for a response. Learn to differentiate the voices. Write down what you hear.


  • Talk with your friends about the heart center: what is the heart? Is it real? Can humans evolve into a more spiritually attuned, heart-centered species?


  • Observe when you are triggered by ancestral fears & disbelief. Choose to not go there. Bring your hands to your heart and affirm

I AM Safe, I AM Clear,

I AM Free from All Fear.

I AM Light, I AM Strong,

I AM Connected to All Beings.

I AM Grateful for the Beauty of All That Is.



It should be noted that working to develop the light in one’s heart is not always a simple, instantaneous or painless activity. It can take years to begin to move through the layers of “lotus flower” protection.

One of the more challenging aspects of the healing is unwrapping the fear and trauma that have shut down our hearts. Much of this comes through our ancestral lineage: we received fear and trauma from our parents, who received it from theirs – all coming from the rather dark and horrific history of life on Earth over the past 1000 years. War, oppression, slavery, abuse, torture, repression – humans have inflicted unbelievable heartless acts on each other – “heartless” being the key word here. Humanity has collectively shut down its heart just to survive through this dark period.

However we now have tools and resources to heal fear and trauma that our ancestors did not. Great strides are being made to understand neuro-plasticity and nervous system re-activation as means to release the damaging impact of fear and trauma on humans. We can heal the pain, fear and traumas that have been carried for generations through our ancestral lineages. We are the ones they dreamed of. We are the ones who can heal, awaken and manifest our evolutionary potential.

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APRIL 2024:

Sun Apr 28: Sound Temple: Heart Healing Sanctuary: 8pm - LiveStream

Tue Apr 2: Heart Circuit Activation: 7 pm – LiveStream

Sun Apr 7: Sound Temple: Heart Healing Sanctuary: 8pm - LiveStream

Tue Apr 9: Awaken Your Inner Power: 7pm – LiveStream

Sun Apr 14: Sound Temple: Heart Healing Sanctuary: 8pm - LiveStream

Tue Apr 16: Heart Circuit Activation: 7 pm – LiveStream

Thu Apr 18: Connect with Spirit Guides: Awaken Intuitive & Telepathic Skills: 7:30pm - On Zoom

Sun Apr 21: Sound Temple: Heart Healing Sanctuary: 8pm - LiveStream

Tue Apr 23: Full Moon Sound Temple w/Makayasha: 7:30pm – Live on Zoom - Free

Tue Apr 30:  Magick 101: Free Intro Session – 7:30 pm - Live on Zoom 


Live Events to see Paul this season


Globe Sound Healing Conference           

on New Earth One Network  November 8 – 12

 Free Registration to 5 Days of Workshops & Sound Healing Music

21 of the top Researchers, Pioneers, Instructors, Doctors, Sound Therapists, and Musicians in the field addressing important issues and topics in this rapidly expanding field of Sound Healing.

Replays will be available immediately after each presentation until November 30th.


September 14-17 at Tico Time River Resort -

just 20 minutes south of Durango, Colorado

SERENITY FEST             

With Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix

Join me at SERENITY FESTIVAL - an uplifting experience to support health, wellness & personal development, September 14-17 at Tico Time River Resort - just 20 minutes south of Durango, Colorado. This 3-day festival will nourish your body, mind and soul with live music, performance art, ecstatic dance, inspiring workshops, yoga classes (all level), food & craft vendors, and like-hearted (sober) community. Your festival pass includes camping, swimming, SUP, water slide jump, inner tube slide, beach volleyball, hiking trails, and access to over 80 acres along the Animas River - FUN for all ages!

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The Diamond Light Network is dedicated to helping people awaken their heart centers toward accelerating the evolution of human consciousness. This work is offered for the benefit of all beings -- all our relations -– as service to the world; as a gift to the people.

We offer workshops, retreats, concerts and online sessions to help people learn simple, accessible practices to activate the heart-center. The practices are rooted in Nada Yoga and the Vajrayana tradition of ancient Tibet. These are mystical teachings to awaken the Vajra – or Diamond Light in our hearts – through sound, chanting and visualization. The Vajrayana practices – sometimes called “the speedy path to enlightenment” – help us become more awake and enlightened beings. While rooted in ancient teachings, the practices are new and intended for people in this time. Through participation you will become part of a network of spiritual allies supporting you on the deepest levels to awaken your evolutionary potential.

The programs include immersion in the basic Diamond Light Practices, as well as yoga, meditation, singing, chakra attunements and exercises to develop skills in intuition and telepathy.

Paul Temple is the main presenter of these programs. He has received guidance on developing these "practices for 21st Century mind” to help people activate their Vajra radiance. Others are invited to share their wisdom and insights. This is a collaborative, collective journey we are on — learning and creating the new path together.

Those of you who have experienced the music of Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix understand that the music he channels catalyzes and deepens the process of Diamond Light activation. The Vajra energies generated by his Tibetan bowls and chanting resonate the Vajra light in our hearts so we can remember our evolutionary potential.