There are lots of people out there doing wonderful work in alignment with Diamond Light Network; there are many paths up the mountain. Here is a list of a few we know.
Please feel free to send further suggestions to add.


HeartMath Institute

Videos: Mysteries of the Heart

TED Talk on ESP research at Stanford

Opening the Heart Workshops

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes 

Intuition University:

Psychic Horizons Center

Book: The Evolutionary Empath by Stephanie Redfeather

Book: Starfire Wisdom: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings by Luma Lor:

The Omega Institute

Esalen Institute

Gaia TV

Lee Harris Energy

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo:  Sunray Meditation Society:

Net of Light:

The Vesica Institute: Dr Robert Gilbert:

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