The Next Step in Human Evolution
by Paul Temple


 This is the full text of Paul’s initial channeling on awakening

the human heart center as the next step in human evolution.

My premise is quite simple, but of great importance to the survival of our human species.  It is about the next phase of human evolution.  The premise is that humans can – and must – continue to evolve so as to grow into a more enlightened species and create a more cooperative and peaceful civilization.

So I offer this Vision for a direction this evolutionary step can take. It involves developing certain skills that are already latent in our DNA. These skills are innate and we just need to focus on activating them. If we can get a critical-mass of humanity to accomplish this, we can take not only an evolutionary step, but a quantum leap in our comprehension of life on Earth and in the Universe.

The skills I refer to include telepathy, empathy, intuition, clairvoyance, compassion and sensitivity to subtle energy. These skills are developed by activating what we call the “human heart”.  By “heart” I do not mean the physical heart nor the heart chakra, but that place in each person that is the center of love, sensitivity and spirit. We all know what is meant by the “human heart” – it is common parlance in our world – but we have been taught it is not real. Not only is it real, it is one of the most profound and powerful resources of human existence. The heart is not just about love, it is the center for universal connection and communication. 

The skills or capabilities I refer to are both a means to activating the heart center – and can be a result of doing such by other avenues. These skills are innate – many people already possess them – yet they are not taught or recognized in our common western culture. Many of us know they are real. We have had telepathic moments, we know people who are gifted with clairvoyance, we have trusted the intuition of “what we know in our heart to be true”. We simply need to work through the “culture of disbelief” and recognize that anyone can develop these abilities. Just as our schools teach arithmetic, algebra and calculus in progressive levels to build intellectual capability, so too can we develop these heart-centered skills through progressive training.

Activating the heart center in this way can expand a person’s awareness and perception. It helps dissolve the “mind of duality” and “illusion of separation” so as to begin to comprehend the unified field of creation. It can help us evolve individually and collectively into a more sensitive and intelligent species.

There are many, many serious challenges facing humanity in this time: climate change is just one of them. We have species extinction, massive ecosystem destruction for economic gain, poverty, pollution, oppression, human migrations, war, economic imbalances….  The list goes on.

We cannot solve these issues at the level of consciousness from which they were created. While there may be technological solutions at hand, these can only be implemented with massive systemic, political and social change – and that can only happen if we raise the collective consciousness of humanity. Consciousness is changed by each person working to expand their own individual  awareness. This is why YOU can change the world and help humanity evolve by activating your heart center. The old way of thinking is not working. We must evolve to a heart-centered view to solve these problems with cooperative and peaceful resolution.

If we do not take this evolutionary step and remain dependent on technological development and the current level of mental activity, then humans may well become one of the many extinct species in our escalating planetary crisis. Dr David Lovelock, developer of the GAIA PRINCIPLE, has also postulated that if humans allow technology and artificial intelligence to develop to super-efficient levels, it is likely that biological humans and their advanced brains will no longer be necessary to the planetary organism – and may well become extinct.

So yes, I am postulating that the next step in human evolution is to activate the full potential of the human heart. I believe the results of this could generate a massive change in our species and on the planet – much more than can be comprehended through our current level of perception. This is a spiritual evolution. 

encourage all who have these skills to start teaching. Those that are interested to learn and evolve: please reach out and find resources to do so. There are exercises and classes available in many places. NOW is the time to take action! This is something anyone and everyone can do. You can start by placing your hands on your heart center and ask: “What can I do get started?” Then listen for a response. Also ask yourself “what if the survival of humanity depended on me activating my heart-light and manifesting my full evolutionary potential?” Then feel in your heart what is true. 

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