What is the Diamond Light?

 The “Diamond Light” is what we call the seed of luminous consciousness that resides in each person’s heart center. This term derives from the Tibetan word “Vajra” which means diamond, or “pure radiant diamond light”. Other spiritual traditions refer to it as the Christ Light, the Gayatri Light, the Sacred Heart, the pure light within.


In Tibetan Buddhism the Vajra  – or “pure radiant diamond light” – is said to “clear the mind of perceptions that obscure our awakened nature. It helps us embody the primordial purity of our ultimate, unfabricated reality and recognize that we are an inseparable part of the jewel-net of the universe.”

The well known mantra OM MANI PADME HUM  translates as “the jewel in the lotus”.  The jewel here refers to the Vajra diamond in our heart center – the radiant seed of our luminous awareness. The lotus refers to layers of protection around this jewel – like the petals of a lotus flower –  that protect and keep it pure. As we chant the mantra, the petals of the lotus begins to open and the jewel in the heart begins to shine. These are ancient mystical teachings to open and activate our heart light. 


Evolutionary Skills


This next phase of how humans can evolve as a species is not about technological advancement – but about developing a set of simple skills that can significantly change the way we live on Planet Earth. I believe these “evolutionary skills” are already latent in human DNA and were actually intentionally repressed over the past millennia…but I get ahead of myself.

These evolutionary skills include telepathy, empathy, intuition, clairvoyance, compassion and sensitivity to subtle energy.

These “gifts” are innate in our human genome – many people have them – yet they are not taught, supported or recognized as “real” in our common culture. I believe developing these skills can greatly change our perception and understanding of life and human existence.  Increased heart-consciousness brings awareness of our relationship with other species and life-forms on Earth and expands our connection with the soul and quantum consciousness.

Activating the heart-center helps enhance these evolutionary skills and visa-versa: directly working to develop these skills helps increase heart-consciousness. Just as we develop intellectual capabilities through progressive exercises in arithmetic, algebra and calculus, we can engage exercises to enhance our energetic and telepathic awareness.

So I encourage all those who have these skills to start teaching to others. To those that are interested to learn and evolve: please reach out and find people and places to do so. There are exercises and classes to open these channels available in many places. A list of resources and connections is available elsewhere on this website.

While there is much attention these days on rapid technological advancements in medicine, artificial intelligence and nano-technologies, what we really need is a future-vision for humanity based on humanity actually evolving and changing into a more enlightened species. Developing these skills is something anyone and everyone can do to help raise individual and collective human consciousness. 

This is something you can do

to help yourself and the world.

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