The Next Step in Human Evolution (extract from Blog #1)

 My premise is quite simple, but of great importance to the survival of our human species. It is about the next phase of human evolution. The premise is that humans can – and really must – continue to evolve so we can grow into a more enlightened species to create a more peaceful and collaborative civilization. We cannot solve the many, many challenges facing humanity with the same level of consciousness from which they were created. There is too much conflict and stagnation in our economic, political and social structures to manifest the changes needed to create a bright and sustainable future for humans on Earth.

So I offer a vision for this evolutionary step: I invite people to consider the possibility that the next step in human evolution is to awaken the full potential of the human heart so we can fully embody our spiritual nature and higher consciousness.

Most people know what I mean by the human “heart”. I am not referring to the anatomical heart, nor the heart chakra, but to that energy center in our being that is the place of love, truth, courage and deep knowing. Some call it “the seat of the soul” or “the seed of divine consciousness” that resides in every being.

In most indigenous cultures this heart center is considered an obvious and instrumental part of human existence. It connects us with truth, wisdom, the ancestors, the Creator and all beings. It is the moral compass – or more of a moral gyroscope that keeps us centered, balanced and on course.

While western-rationalist culture has marginalized the heart as a mythical or poetic phenomenon, I believe the heart center is much, much more than we are taught. In fact, I believe it is one of the most profound, powerful and untapped resources in human existence.

I believe that if a critical mass of humans were to activate their heart centers that we could take not only an evolutionary step, but a quantum leap in our comprehension of human existence on Earth and in the Universe — and thus come to create a very different kind of “civilization” than exists at this time.

What is most remarkable about this simple solution is that YOU have the evolutionary potential to have a fully awakened heart. Right now you can change the world by activating your heart center and helping humanity evolve. This is something anyone and everyone can do.

While the vision I offer may be grandiose, my mission is very simple: to remind (re-mind) people of the great power and abilities of the heart center – and to help us as a species remember (re-member) who we can become as we activate our heart centers. Much of my intention is to simply initiate conversation about the reality of the heart center – and to invite people to feel and perceive the potential that exists in acknowledging the heart center. I invite you to come into that conversation. Talk to your friends about this premise. Bring awareness to the reality of the heart.

Namaste,  Paul Temple


Q & A:  Our Evolutionary Potential & The Sacred Heart

This blog is in interview format with Paul answering questions that have been put to him about the Diamond Light work.

Question 1:  When you say “the heart” what exactly are you referring to?

 PT:  Some call it the Sacred Heart, the Heart of perfect Wisdom, the Vajra radiance, the seed of divine consciousness, the seat of the soul. I am not referring to the physical heart nor the heart chakra, but to that place in each person that is the center of love, sensitivity, courage and spirit. Many of Earth’s great Spiritual teachers are remembered for the qualities of their big luminous hearts: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Yogananda and many others.

In indigenous cultures, knowledge of the heart as the connection to spirit is commonplace. A native elder once said that if you are feeling lost or disillusioned it means you have lost connection to your heart. Native people have also said that “All things are connected” – and it is through the heart that this connection happens.

In the Diamond Light teaching we call the heart “The Pearl of Light” – which is a seed of light in the center of the chest. The Tibetans call this Light “The Vajra” which is an orb of omniscient awareness that radiates our essential luminous nature.

We all know what is meant by the “human heart” – it is common parlance in our world – but we have been taught that it is poetic, metaphorical or mythical – but it is not real in a material or scientific sensibility.

I believe not only is the heart center real, but it is one of the most profound and powerful resources of human existence. The heart is not just about love, it is the center of universal connection and communication.

Activating the heart center can expand a person’s awareness and perception. It helps dissolve the “mind of duality” and “illusion of separation” so as to begin to comprehend the unified field of creation. It can help us evolve individually and collectively into a more sensitive and intelligent species.

When we activate our hearts, we remember who we really are: Luminous beings of love and infinite awareness.


Q:  You talk about Evolutionary Skills in relation to the heart, what does this mean?

 PT: I have found that as one activates one’s heart center, certain capabilities or skills begin to develop. These include INTUITION, CLAIRVOYANCE, SUBTLE ENERGY SENSITIVITY AND EMPATHY.

We call these “Evolutionary Skills” because they are part of the rubric of the next step in human evolution. As we evolve into a more heart-centered species, these skills will be recognized and commonplace amongst all people.

Beginning to develop these skills can greatly change our perception and understanding of life and human existence.  Increased heart-consciousness brings awareness of our relationship with other species and life-forms on Earth and expands our connection with the soul and quantum consciousness.

Activating the heart-center helps enhance these evolutionary skills and visa-versa: working to develop these skills helps increase heart-consciousness. Just as we develop our intellectual capabilities through progressive exercises in arithmetic, algebra and calculus, we need to engage exercises to enhance our energetic and telepathic awareness. As the Dalai Lama says” What we really need is a system to educate the heart” –  a system similar to the one we have to educate the brain.

This is not to say these capabilities do not exist now – many people possess them – yet they are not taught or recognized in our common culture. Many of us know they are real. We have had telepathic or empathetic moments, we know people who are gifted with clairvoyance, we have trusted the intuition of “what we know in our heart to be true”.  It is just the current collective reality structure views these skills with skepticism and ridicule. We  call this “the culture of disbelief”. I believe these “evolutionary skills” are already latent within our human DNA and all people can develop them with a little training.

In the Vedic/Hindu tradition these skills are called Siddhis – defined as “paranormal or supernatural abilities that are the products of yogic advancement.” (Wikipedia)  So here we find a spiritual tradition recognizing that as spiritual awareness increase, so too comes development of skills like intuition, clairvoyance and direct connection with quantum consciousness. While the Siddhis have been viewed as magical or super-natural – it is understood that they are accessible to all humans. There are also “Extraordinary Siddhis” which include things like becoming invisible and flying. In my view, these extraordinary Siddhis may be accessible to humans in future evolutionary levels but are not to be readily attained within the current Earthly conditions.


Q: What do you mean by EVOLUTIONARY POTENTIAL?

The evolutionary potential we have as human beings – the possibilities of who we can become with awakened hearts – are extraordinary and beyond current belief. The purpose of a “vision” like this is to expand our sense of reality into unseen horizons. The concept of a heart-centered, collaborative, compassionate human civilization is awe inspiring. While, at this point in time, an enlightened species of humans directly connected with universal consciousness seems a thing of fantasy, one finds the vision more realizable as the heart awakens. It may not be for several generations – but the possibility becomes tangible.

It is important to note that this evolutionary vision, which is based on expanding qualities of the heart like compassion and loving kindness, is attainable by all humans. These attributes of the heart – love, caring, respect, kindness, integrity – are all inclusionary and seek to embrace our unity and commonality. Awakening the heart is something anyone and everyone can do.

There are many old evolutionary visions for humanity that are elitist, racist and supremacist. These divisive paradigms were manifestations of the passing era. The elitist qualities of these visions are what made the passing age so dark and horrific. The heart can discern the illusory nature of these “glamors” – so the more we drop into heart awareness, the less ground there will be for these glamors to take root.

This vision I propose for a human species with awakened hearts involves more than increased loving kindness. While that in itself would be quite wonderful, there is more to our evolutionary potential. Simply stated, as we become more aligned with the heart center, we become more sensitive to – or perceptive to — subtle energies and our connection to all beings in the universe.


Q: So if everyone were to become “heart-centered” all the time, does this mean everyone would become lovey dovey or hyper-sensitive all the time?

The heart is not just about sensitivity and love. It is also about COURAGE & TRUTH.  — Knowing what is true and HAVING THE COURAGE TO DO THE RIGHT THING.  This means confronting corruption and deceit and standing up to abusive powers and institutions.

And as one deepens into heart awareness, we recognize how sensitive humans really are – sensitive to energy, to feelings, to intention, but most of us learned as children to shut down theses sensitivities – to shut down our heart centers.

So our evolutionary potential as a heart-centered species is not just about being loving and hyper-sensitive: it is about humans building a civilization that is truly based on the qualities of courage, truth, equality and justice for all.


Q:  I hear a lot about “Healing the Heart” and people with wounded hearts. How does that fit into this premise of human evolution? 

Recognizing that humans can evolve into a more illuminated and enlightened species is an important concept – but it is not necessarily an easy one to achieve. The pain and suffering of the past – the pain and suffering of our ancestors and ourselves – needs healing and reconciliation for humanity to move forward into this new evolutionary step.

Many people and nations carry deep trauma that has shut down their heart centers. People from abusive families or violent political regimes are deeply wounded. The traumas of genocide, war and slavery have left scars lasting over generations. Imposing trauma and abuse on people is a fast way to shut down people’s hearts and divine connection – and this has been a tool to keep people disconnected from their hearts for many centuries.

But healing is happening. There are tools are resources available now that our ancestors did not have: most of which involve a new and deeper understanding of trauma and how to release it from our minds, bodies and nervous systems. Understanding neuro-plasticity, plant medicine therapies and even basic psychotherapy are all helpful in unwinding our individual and collecting trauma to heal our hearts.

Healing the heart is possible. Healing the heart is a core soul-purpose for many of people in this time. Healing the heart involves realizing the true nature of the heart and unwinding the distorted illusions of ego and of romantic love that have become deeply ingrained in collective human consciousness through generations of ancestral patterning.


Q: What can people do to activate their heart center?

First and foremost FEEL and know your heart is real. Do not get caught in the “Culture of Disbelief” that tries to marginalize and ridicule the reality of the heart. Tune into your heart center. Listen to your heart. Bring your hands to your heart and visualize that pearl of light connected to the network of light: the jeweled fabric of the universe. Breathe into it. What do you FEEL?

Contemplate the possibility of heart activation as the next step in human evolution. This engages the reality of your heart.  Talk about it with your friends.

The purpose of Diamond Light Network is to offer simple tools and teachings to help people awaken their heart centers. However there are thousands of people and organizations offering teachings and practices to help people awaken.

As your heart awakens it will magnetize and call you to the resources you need. Listen to your intuition, affirm when it is correct. You may feel drawn to attend a yoga or meditation class or a course on Reiki healing energy. If you have psychic or intuitive skills, start to teach others.

It is not about belief: it is about what works and what is real. Test what works for you!  I suspect you will find your heart a great ally in your evolution.