This title may sound like something fantastical out of Harry Potter or Star Wars, but I do believe there are actual genetic family lineages on Earth that carry traits like clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition and sensitivity to subtle energies. I refer to these traits as “evolutionary skills” because they are part of our future potential as a species, but I also believe many humans have – and have had – these traits both now and in prior eras – and I believe that these traits were intentionally and forcibly repressed in humanity – at least in Western culture – several centuries ago.

Many of us know people who have these gifts. There are many psychics and energy healers around, although they get the short shrift in our culture today. My own mother was highly intuitive and empathetic, yet she did not understand how to work with these types of awareness. In fact they caused her much pain, confusion and craziness. Much like Homer in the Iliad depicted the foresighted Cassandra, those with extra-sensory gifts can be a bit mad and largely ridiculed by the majority of folk immersed in our rationalist culture of disbelief.

I have heard that young men applying for Catholic seminary who show any tendencies of clairvoyance or intuition are not permitted entry. So while these “gifts” are considered “of the devil” and not allowed within the assemblage of the Church, the Church does acknowledge the skills exist!

So that is the “lineages of magic” part – that there are families which carry certain “traits” – like clairvoyance, energy healing and telepathy – in their genetic stream, and it may well be that all humans have these capabilities as dormant or innate traits in our DNA.  I observe many people today recognizing and reclaiming these types of skills despite the “culture of disbelief” that surrounds them.

The Age of Darkness part of this story is the recognition that humanity is now emerging out of a 2,000 year era of horror.  The poet William Butler Yeats referred to it as “twenty centuries of stony sleep”. While there is debate about when the “Age of Aquarius” began – many say in 2012 – it was preceded by 2,150 years of the Piscean Age: an era dominated by power, control and money. The Vedas speak to the Kali Yuga – the age of Kali, the dark goddess, that is now shifting to the Satya Yuga – the age of truth.

While many ancient prophesies, including Hopi, Cree and Mayan, speak to our current time as one of great change, the passing Age of Darkness was dominated by unfathomable cruelty, greed, war, slavery, genocide, holocaust, Machiavellian lust for power, institutional corruption – and immense human suffering.

Esoterically, this Age of Darkness was manifest as Earthly individuals losing direct connection with the Light of divine consciousness and spirit realms. The Light was inaccessible and the portals to luminous guidance were diminished. I cannot explain how or why this happened. It is the mysterious dynamics of universal consciousness spiraling over of thousands and thousands of years.

Yeats speaks, in his book “A Vision”, to a “Great Year” that is an astrological cycle of roughly 26,000 earth years. Dividing by twelve brings us to a “great month” of roughly 2150 earth years – which he calls “Ages of the Great Year”. The Age we are passing out of began around the Year 0 AD – marked by the birth of Christ – and is ending now, roughly 2000 years later.


Yeats’ well known poem “The Second Coming” includes a description of the Age of Darkness:


Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned


We humans, as the “falcon”, spun out of reach so we could not hear the voice of the central guiding “falconer”. Yeats refers to this central “falconer” consciousness as “Spiritus Mundi” – the Spirit of the World. Today some call it quantum consciousness, but what is key here is that humans lost their connection to Spirit and the Spirit realms over this vast period of time, and we are now shifting into an Age where we can reconnect.

This is much of what my efforts with the Diamond Light Network are about – reconnecting our Heart Circuits so we can remember our connection to quantum consciousness – or Spiritus Mundi as Yeats called it. If you want to learn more about the Diamond Light Network, please visit our website:

Through the Age of Darkness we saw teachers, prophets, religions, churches and secret societies try to bridge this spiritual chasm, but unfortunately, even these well intentioned institutions ultimately became lost and corrupted in the darkness.

The Christian churches were initially offered connection to divine consciousness through communion with the Light of the Christ, but over time the churches divided and became corrupted by power and greed – ultimately intent on their own glory through dominating and repressing the human spirit with guilt, shame and suffering.

Even today we still see strains of old age darkness and hatred: there are fundamentalists in many traditions that seek to dominate and control through violence and fear. In India we see Hindus brutally attacking Muslims and burning mosques. In Pakistan we see Muslims attacking Christians and burning churches. In China there is repression and genocide against the Tibetans and Uigars. Amazon tribes are being wiped out by industrial “progress”. In North America we see the ghosts of slavery, racism and indigenous genocide arising from the shadows.  The horrors continue: it seems none are innocent, although many have tried to maintain purity of awareness and divine connection.

In Western culture, one key time period in the Age of Darkness was the Great Inquisition of the 14th thru 16th Centuries when millions of women – millions of “witches” – were horribly tortured and executed (often burned at the stake) in Europe and America. Anyone who showed the slightest capabilities of intuition or connection to the spirit world was labeled a demonic witch and eliminated during these “burning times”. This was an intentional institutional effort to eradicate these “evolutionary skills” from our species.

During this same period – the 14th thru 16th Centuries – an Age of Darkness also began for indigenous cultures of North, Central and South America when European explorers and missionaries arrived with their horrific spiritual and cultural genocide. The Maya, Aztec, Inca and many other ancient civilizations were wiped out by the Conquistadors and the priests of the Inquisition. This too involved burning “heathen heretics” at the stake to brutally suppress the people with fear, pain and trauma. Ancient texts were burned, teachings and shamanic practices were prohibited – and any memory of their deep wisdom traditions was eradicate and lost.

Unfortunately, in Europe, some of these gifted families were lost during the Inquisition, but many families simply went underground and did not reveal their gifts for peril of their life. The massive trauma of the burning time horrors put a deep fear into these families – a fear that has carried on for many generations to this day.

Fear and trauma are some of the fasted and most effective ways to shut down people’s hearts. Shutting down the heart center disconnects us from spirit and our own heart wisdom. Once the trauma is embedded in a person’s nervous system it can stay for the rest of their life, be passed on to ensuing generations and stay residual in the soul. Trauma and collective trauma – through war, torture, oppression and violence – are powerful tools to separate people – individually and collectively – from their heart light, spirit connection and evolutionary potential.

We can observe even today how “terrorist groups” that purportedly espouse religious traditions, use fear and trauma to intimidate and shut down their follower’s hearts – and thus people’s connections to their inner wisdom and higher capabilities.

Another technique to shut down people’s hearts is to prohibit what we call “the arts”. Many terrorist agendas ban joyous, creative expression through music, dance, poetry and theater. In some terrorist communities these activities can be punishable by torture and death. This shows how well these groups understand the power of the arts as expressive mediums that are pathways to the heart and divine connection.

On the other hand – during the dark times in Europe and America, many of the “magical families” we speak of took cover in the arts.  Music, dance, theater, poetry, painting, literature…. These all became veiled vehicles to touch and inspire the heart – and to help us remember the great mystery. The arts were a shelter – a refuge – where people with magical gifts could express the beauty and magic of life through accepted artistic guises.

The poetic voice is one that rings with truth beyond the authorized doctrine of church or politics. While the Christian churches became corrupt, the music of the church still conveyed the Light and magnificent love of Christ. The secular music of the great European composers, like Beethoven and Debussy, reached new heights of beauty and majesty in our collective awareness. Theater and literature were able to express the true drama of the human psyche beyond dogmatic religious programming.

So in the dark times, “The Arts” became a hidden conduit for the magical mysteries – the power of vibration and sound, the secrets of myth, vision and storytelling, the truth of love and the sacred heart, the archetypal awareness of symbol and geometry. The activities we call the arts sustained a mystical thread of memory through the dark age – threads we now can tap into and expand to their full potential.

Another way the human connection with the divine was shut down and controlled in the dark age was through the institutional repression of sexuality. Sexual energies are a direct experience of the primal life-force:  the Kundalini as it is called in the tantric teachings. The shaming and repression of these vital energies has created massive confusion, suffering and distortion in human consciousness. There is still much remnant confusion around sexual energy today, but this is a topic beyond the scope of this dissertation.

I want to emphasize that I am not attributing particular blame or causality to the horrors of the Age of Darkness. All were lost from the Light despite the best of intention. Even those who burned witches or massacred native women and children or sold slaves to market thought – at the time – they were doing God’s work.  This just reveals the horrible, convoluted consciousness that dominated the age.  The important point now is to recognize that the Age of Darkness is passing, and within this context we can begin to heal and reconnect with the light in our hearts.

This is a delicate topic, because many of us would like to blame the corrupted church or the slave traders or other institutions of cruelty for the horrors and suffering, but over this eon of time everyone was lost in the centuries of darkness, trying to survive, trying to hold onto some remnant of goodness and a better life for the children. Over the many lifetimes and incarnations, we were all innocent and we were all guilty. The focus now is on healing and moving forward – not on blame and further discord.

Thus the importance of remembering the Lineages of Magic & the Age of Darkness is that many of us are seeking to reclaim our connection to the Light, to reclaim the sovereignty of our souls, to reclaim our genetic lineages of magic – and needing to heal our soul trauma from many, many life times.

As old souls, many of us had numerous reincarnate lifetimes through this age of darkness. In these we experienced deep soul trauma where we sought the Light, we sought mercy, we sought to generate goodness – and we suffered at the hands of those ensnared in the cruel, heartless glamors of power and greed.

In our present incarnation this karmic pain can manifest as past-life trauma – deep soul-level memories of suffering and hopelessness. On another present-incarnation level, this karmic pain can manifest as ancestral trauma: or patterns passed generation to generation by our ancestors. The two patterns are closely intertwined. While these karmic weights may seem crippling and overwhelming at times, we need to remember that on the soul level we chose to incarnate into our family lineage so we could transform and heal these ancient ancestral patterns….  our wounded lineage of magic.

So our soul purpose may well be revealed through the karmic constructs of the family-lineage into which we were born. The Tibetan teachings, in particular, remind us that we choose our parents before reincarnating as a way to manifest the soul lessons we need to learn in the next life.

It is also important to note that in observing past life memories, we need to be careful to NOT over-identify as the victim. In the cycle of karma – and theater of eternity – we have all played all the roles – victim and oppressor, slave and master, king and pauper. We all danced both side of this collective karmic duality which now seeks to be balanced.

In recognizing the horrific suffering of the slave, we begin to diminish the desire to have “power over” as a slave master. In remembering the horrors of the holocaust, we begin to deconstruct the deceptive delusions of racial superiority and the glamors of hatred. As the Buddhists say, we have all been each other’s mother and child over lifetimes and lifetimes. We have all been slaves and slave masters. We have all been victim and oppressor. The mission now is to find the middle path – to diminish the magnetism of both poles of the duality.

So my point here is to simply help us remember that this is where we are – and where we, as collective and individual consciousness, have come from. We live in a stream of collective continuous awareness that we have inherited from our ancestors, our predecessors. Some call this the “continuity of consciousness”. Over the past 2000 years that stream of consciousness has been through a very dark age – and we are now at a turning point where we can transform this.

Those of us that are old souls chose to incarnate at this time to heal and transform these old lineages of trauma so they do not get passed on to future generations. It is our soul work to reweave the web, to bring back the Light by remembering, by doing magic and healing, by reclaiming our lineage of magic – and bringing the Light back to the people and the Earth.

We need to remember that the magic is real, that the magic of Light comes through the portal of the heart center. We need to remember that manifesting our “evolutionary gifts” of clairvoyance, intuition, working with energy and connecting with quantum consciousness are real and that we can resurrect these gifts back into accepted collective reality. We are the ones our magical ancestors dreamed of – we are the ones we have been waiting for over lifetimes. We are the ones who can begin to awaken our hearts so humans can evolve into a more enlightened species.

It may not be easy. The remnants of the dark age are still very much with us – and many people are still attached to the mind of domination, power and control. It is difficult to manifest in the density of the material world. But in this early phase we must persevere and support each other to remember and heal and bring back the Light and the magic.

In the healing process we may experience past-life trauma reactivation – or ancestral trauma reactivation. We may remember when we called on the Light for mercy and no answer came. We may remember the horrors of the burning times or slavery or the holocaust or indigenous massacres.

These reactivations are opportunities to heal and transform. We now have tools to heal that our ancestors did not. We have tools to change nervous system response and synaptic re-programming that our ancestors did not. Even now when we witness someone calling for mercy – “I can’t breathe” – we have resources to take action – to voice our rejection of these heartless acts. We can voice our collective truth that we will not tolerate injustice.

There will always be a balance on Earth of Light and Dark, good and evil, progressive and conservative, rich and poor within the duality of consciousness that exists. But the spiritual chasm that caused Machiavellian heartless cruelty to be the norm for thousands of years is closing – the Light is returning.

As our memories open up, we will remember a greater history of Earth and the many luminous civilizations and cultures that were lost and forgotten in the Age of Darkness.  Archeologists are just starting to uncover buried ruins across the planet from a forgotten history of advanced civilizations. We are beginning to remember we are much more than we have been taught.

I should note, before closing, that this information I am sharing is intuitively sourced. It is not historically researched. We must remember that history as we know – history as we have been taught – has been controlled by the dominant institutions – as they say, history is written by the victors. But the truth of hidden histories, like slavery, anti-Semitism and indigenous genocide are being revealed and healed in this time.

This piece is intended to help people remember the soul level memory in their hearts – and that those who are in lineages of magic can awaken and recover their connection to the Light and Quantum Consciousness – and there may be some deep healing on the soul and ancestral levels in the process.

In closing – I recall that one of the most ancient ceremonies in many lineages of magic is at the Winter Solstice. We celebrate the return of the light after the light of the sun has diminished through the dark deathly Autumn. We find hope in the return of the light each little year – hoping that through Centuries of darkness the Light will return to our hearts.

So now, day by day, over a cycle of thousands and thousands of years, the Light is returning and the dark time is receding. Our hearts can now again connect with our higher awareness, the spirit realms and quantum consciousness. We no longer need to fear that dark cruelty will dominate.  Our hearts are strong. We know what is true. We carry a long lineage of magic into an Age of Light…. And there is much work to be done to bring it forth.


Namaste – I honor the light in you!

Paul Temple