NADA BRAHMA: The Sound is the Teacher

By Paul Temple – with guidance and insight from Althor

Part 1: Harmonic Overtones

This is the first of a two-part blog on sound and vibration. This first portion

was made into a presentation for the Shift Network Sound Healing Retreat

and the Globe Sound Healing Conference. The second portion has additional

gleanings on sound and vibration.

Let’s open into the topic NADA BRAHMA: The Sound is the Teacher with

a quote from the great Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Khan

“One who knows the secrets of sound

knows the mystery of the whole universe”.


To truly understand this concept we need to shift into the mystic, into the

“meta-physical”: that which is beyond the constructs of the physical world. I

ask you suspend your sense of normality so we may move into the “para-

normal”: that which is outside the boundaries of your normal reality.

So what is the mystic?

The mystic path is the path of the heart. This is not the anatomical heart,

nor even the heart chakra, but the energy center of the heart we know as

the place of love, spiritual connection and soul-wisdom. The seed of divine

light in your heart centers – we call it the Pearl of Light – is the seat of the

soul. The mystic path takes you through the heart to the soul.

The mystic is coming to know the greater reality of the soul that is beyond

the veil: the multi-dimensional realms that are difficult to access from the

density and restrictions of your current human mental perception.

The mystic realms are not accessible through mental awareness. These

realms are accessible through the heart. Most indigenous cultures still hold

this expanded reality, knowing all things are connected and it is through the

heart that this connection happens. It is through the heart you can connect

with the mystical, multi-dimensional realms.


As you learn – or re-learn – to activate your heart centers and cognate

through the heart, you can begin to connect with these mystic realms and

universal wisdom.

Music and sound are special vibrational media that facilitate access into the

mystic. Music and sound open and activate the heart center – and since they

are vibrational media, they can connect you directly with the most powerful

forces in the universe.

A succinct Earthly explanation of this phenomenon is the Sanskrit phrase

Nada Brahma, with which many of you may be familiar.

I (Paul) had the privilege of hearing an explanation of this phrase from a

Hindu swami which deepened its meaning for me. I have heard western

musicians explain it with the translation “Sound is God”, but the swami

expanded its meaning for me.

“Nada” translates from the Sanskrit as “pulse” or “vibration” which expands

to sound and music – which are vibration. But the deeper meaning of Nada –

or the Naad – as explained by the swami, refers to the “primordial pulse of

creation” – the ancient, original expansion of the creative force in the

conscious universe. My teacher, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo calls this “The

original song of creation”. It correlates with the Christian mythology of “In

the beginning was the Word….” – the word being sound infused with

meaning. It could well correlate with what modern science calls the “Big

Bang” as well.

“Brahma”, as many know in the Hindu pantheon, is the supreme creator and

the purveyor of knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Brahma is the embodiment

of the supreme divine creative force. What takes Brahma 10 million years to

create, Shiva can destroy in an instant.

So Nada Brahma together is the simple but profound recognition that

sound, vibration and music are the same as the primordial pulse of creation,

are the same as the divine creative force and are the same as the source of

universal knowledge and wisdom: Nada Brahma, the unified vibrational field,

the master teacher.

Nada Yoga is the body of Vedic practices encompassing sound and

vibration: mantra, kirtan, devotional chanting and Bija seed sounds. These

practices all catalyze evolutionary and awakening experiences that activate

our higher consciousness. They provide access to mystic realms. Some say

mantras are ancient vibrational codes, like passwords, that open portals and

activate archetypal energies in our deep, soul-level memory.


So, with a little help from the sound itself, we can tap into this field of

primordial awareness and journey into the mystic, into the timeless source

of all being. We can expand beyond the mental-emotional constructs of

earthly reality into the sacred heart, into multi-dimensional realms. We can

connect with our own higher soul wisdom and akashic memory, which

includes who we can become in this life.

It is here we realize that the sound – the vibrational field itself – is infused

with infinite knowledge, it is the teacher, it is the source, it is the wisdom, it

is the One.

The sound is the teacher: through accessing our higher awareness through

this vibrational field we come to learn, to intuit, to receive, the wisdom that

is needed for our souls in this time. Through the sound our consciousness

can access expanded levels of wisdom and insight about our soul, our path

and the true nature of what is.

Nada Brahma reveals the mystery of why people “love” music: because it

connects us with the universe, with the universal field, with universal love

and universal intelligence. It helps us feel whole and divine, energized and

powerful. The complexity of how humans have stylized, monetized and

digitized music is another tale for another time, but as the Doobie Brothers



“Give me a beat, boys, to free my soul,

I want to get lost on your rockin roll

and drift away, and drift away.”


When I received this piece from Althor there were four gleanings offered on

the mysteries of sound. In this first posting we will present one of the

gleanings called Harmonic Overtones: All in the One & One in the All,

but I want to share the titles of the others which are in a separate blog titled

Nada Brahma – Part 2.

  1. Sympathetic Resonance: The Vibrational Connection
  2. Subjective Relativity: Notes, Chords, Scales & Keys
  3. The music is the News: Catching the New Generation’s Evolutionary


  1. Harmonic Overtones: All in the One & One in the All

Harmonic Overtones: All in the One & One in the All

The simple exercise of a plucking a string can teach us something of the

great mystery of the universe, in particular the principle of all-in-the-one


and one-in-the-all. When we pluck the A string on a guitar we hear the

single note A. But that single note is actually made up of many other sub-

notes: or better to say the wave form of A 110 is comprised of many sub-

waves in the string, the most predominant of which we call harmonics or


The A string vibrates at 110 cycles per second, but it is not creating one arc

from one end of the string to the other at that speed. The actual vibrational

pattern in the string is an infinite number of micro-waves. The largest of

these micro-waves is exactly half the length of the string, which results in

sounding the octave, which is A 220 in this instance. There are actually two

A 220s because there are two halves of the string. The octave is called the

first and strongest harmonic.

I don’t want to get bogged down in complicated mathematics, but the string

continues to sub-divide into quarters and thirds, and then quarters and

thirds of each sub-tone, generating harmonic intervals of the 5 th , the major

3 rd , the 4 th and on into almost infinite sub-vibrations that ultimately contain

all the notes in the gamut – the full 12 note spectrum.

So what we perceive as the single note A actually contains almost infinite

sub-vibrations, enveloping every other note in the gamut, but in a unique

particular pattern that make it uniquely an A 110. The same is true of the E

string, but it vibrates in a different pattern at approximately 82 cycles per

second to make it uniquely an E.

The key mystical observation here is that what we perceive as an individual

note actually contains all the other notes. Each individual note is a unique

vibrational pattern composed of the other notes in the sonic universe. In

parallel, each individual person, or each individuated consciousness, is a

unique vibrational pattern composed of the entire conscious universe.

We each have a seed of divine-light consciousness in our heart center. The

Tibetans call it the Vajra or indestructible Diamond Light that is our essential

luminous nature. We each have a unique vibrational coding in our hearts,

our unique Akashic imprint, containing our soul memory and purpose. This

vibrational pattern is our note, our unique vibrational tone – and this single

tone is composed of infinite sub-tones that make a hologram of the entire

conscious universe.

A quote from Osho states this in another metaphor:

“We are not a drop in the ocean;

we are the ocean in a drop.”


We each contain the infinite all. The seed of divine consciousness in our

hearts is a hologram of the infinite, multi-dimensional universe. We each are

Nada Brahma: creator of worlds. We are all sub-tones of the universal sound

and we each contain the infinite universe within the mystery of our hearts.

The challenge, of course, is remembering this through the density and

corrupt patterning of our present-day collective Earthly consciousness. The

ocean of contemporary human awareness has been distorted and polluted

from an eon of dissonant darkness. Our ancestors, in order to survive the

burning times, ages of war, torture, genocide and centuries of horror, had to

shut down their hearts and lose connection with the mystic realms. The

heart of humanity got shut down and disconnected during this passing “Age

of Kali”. We are now just beginning to come into a new era when we can re-

awaken our hearts and re-activate these mystical connections through the

web of light – the radiant matrix.

But this is another tale for another time — the topic here is the all-in-the-

one and the one-in-the-all as reflected in the overtone series. We are all

singing the song of creation – creating worlds, like Brahma, with the

vibrational generators of our conscious awareness, our voices and our

actions. We are each a unique tone in the symphony of the universe, and we

each generate multi-dimensional harmonics with our creative energies.

As a final note on this topic, I am reminded to share a tidbit on “Sound

Healing” in relation to harmonic overtones. Sounding overtones when a

person is in a receptive, meditative state can activate what are called the

upper chakras in the energy body. Those of you who attended my

ReCalibating the Energy Body or Akashic Soul Code Activation workshops

have gotten a taste of these.

The energy body is composed of layers of awareness, each layer being a

higher-dimensional aspect of the over-soul. These upper chakras are

doorways or portals to these dimensional layers. The portals sequence in the

spiralic pattern of harmonic overtones, with the root tonic being the

vibrational tone of our akashic imprint.

The simple application of this teaching is that sounding harmonic overtones

can open these upper-chakra portals to sympathetically resonate and

awaken akashic memory and awareness of higher-dimensional self.

I like to generate harmonics on the flute, which has a simple ability to do so.

You can also sound harmonics on a stringed instrument by lightly running

your finger down the string while plucking. Violins and cellos can make those


wonderful whale-like sounds, which are made by this technique to generate


So generating harmonic overtones is a simple way to help us open to

mystical memory and to remember the mystical principle of all-in-the-one

and one-in-the-all: we each contain the infinite universe within the mystery

of our hearts.

In closing this portion, I invite you all, as sound explorers, to embrace the

mystic and the mystery. To let yourselves become students of the great

teacher – the sound itself.

It is imperative that we awaken the world to the reality of the mystic – to

Realize – make real – the expanded possibilities of human potential.

To comprehend the power of sound from the perspective of the mystic

realms is to open possibilities of our humanity to vast new horizons – and

plant evolutionary seeds for a heart-awakened future on Earth.

Eckhart Tolle has said “humanity has a choice: evolve or die”. The power of

sound is a vital resource to help us make this choice and manifest our

evolutionary potential.




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