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Paul Temple here from the Diamond Light Network. Thanks for checking out my blog.

The content of all of my podcasts and blogs is “channeled” so to speak – it is information that comes via my intuitive guidance – my spirit guides – through a process of automatic writing. However this process changed recently and I came to meet Althor as the spirit being who has provided these insights.

This cycle of podcasts called “Messages from Althor” is Althor speaking directly as himself – but through me, Paul. To learn more about Althor you can read my blog titled “Messages from Althor #1” where he introduces himself.

Namaste,  Paul Temple

Greetings Dear Ones.

Our topic today is Primordial Awareness. This is a state or layer of human consciousness that is important to understand. It is a current or stream of Universal Consciousness that humans can tap into quite easily. It is a “state of mind” that can bring you to the crossroads of human and multi-dimensional awareness. Some call it the Sea of Peace or the Ocean of Bliss.

Primordial awareness means “first consciousness” – or consciousness from before the world, before time, before temporal reality or time-based reality. In other Earthly traditions this state is called Samadhi, the Void, theta state,  Unified Consciousness or egoless awareness. On the personal level, when you drop into this stream of consciousness you can connect with your own soul awareness: the state of your being from before the time the “earthly temporal world” started shaping your human ego. It brings you back to your pure soul awareness: your luminous essential nature.

To humans, Primordial Awareness initially feels like a pool of deep stillness and peace that you can experience through meditation or listening deeply to music. Once one become more accustomed to dropping into this level of beingness, one can tap into dimensional doorways and ancient streams of knowledge and presence. The pool is connected to the ocean of pure consciousness. It is also the vibrational medium through which multi-dimensional spirit beings can connect into human awareness.

The more one taps into this depth of consciousness, the more easily accessible it becomes. This is why meditation breeds wisdom. Those who plumb these depths draw from a deep well of infinite wisdom.

This level of awareness is related to what in the Vedas is called as “Nada Brahma”.  In Sanskrit, “Nada” means vibration or pulse. Nada Yoga is the study of sound and vibration. Mantra, seed sounds, energy healing and music are all aspects of Nada or vibrational Yoga. In its root meaning however, Nada refers to the primordial pulse of creation – the big bang, some call it – the first wave of consciousness that created the universe as we know it: “uni-verse” meaning “one song”, the great vibrational music of creation, the unified field, the symphony of the spheres.

In the Vedas “Brahma” is the supreme creator, the embodiment of the divine creative force. So put together: “Nada Brahma” means the supreme divine creative force of the universe is vibration – vibration as sound, light and pure consciousness.

This explains why your (Paul’s) Tibetan bowls are such a powerful resource. The pure vibrational field of the bowls takes people into this deep state of Primordial Awareness very quickly. The bowls are from an ancient Himalayan tradition and are designed to take people into deep meditative states and to generate healing energies for the human body, mind and spirit.

So when you drop into Primordial Awareness you are connecting with Nada Brahma – that primordial vibrational field of creation: the multi-dimensional crossroads where awareness can travel and connect with other spirit beings, other aspects of divine consciousness, and other dimensions of your own higher soul-self.

This also explains why music is such an important and powerful vehicle on Earth. It is one of the most prominent ways for people to connect with the power of the universe. Many may not understand what is happening when one surrenders to the vibrational field of music – whatever type or style – but in doing such one is connecting with the flow of universal energy. What you call “music” – in all its stylistic variations and commercial manipulations – is really vibrational messaging. It is a medium that touches the human heart and soul and “re-minds” these aspects of your divine essence and luminous essential self.

Even when the music is dark and full of anger, the vibrational medium is touching into veins of archetypal truth, justice and rage that are aspects of the unified field. These hard energies help cut through and break-up the density of the old, stagnant field of collective human consciousness so new waves of evolutionary awareness may be received.

Immersing in these wild and ferocious musical energies is different than dropping into Primordial Awareness. The hope is that by cutting through the molds of anger and injustice that eventually one will be able to tap into a deeper sense of truth, justice and expanded awareness that is accessible through Primordial Awareness.

As one enters the field of Primordial Awareness, one can remember the pure, radiant inner-self that is beyond earthly constraints and ancestral trauma. From this place of soul-memory we can see that which The Tibetan “Book of the Dead” reminds us: that we choose our parents and family lineage for each incarnation so we can immerse into the karmic patterns needed to heal our individual and collective souls.

Being in Primordial Awareness helps release attachment to these old ego patterns of fear, trauma and desire. It helps you remember that you are much, much more than the wounded, limited human you may perceive yourself as. It can “ReMind” you of your great, luminous soul self that has a mission and purpose for being alive on Earth in this time.

Now, you may ask, what does this Primordial Awareness have to do with the Diamond Light in the Heart that is the focus of these Diamond Light teachings?  While humans usually associate levels of consciousness with brain activity, Primordial Awareness is accessed through the heart center. When activity in your brain becomes quiet and still, your perception drops into the Heart Center so you can access this stream of universal presence. The Heart Center is the spiritual crossroads of your being where you are connected to multi-dimensional consciousness. It is the primary portal to Primordial Awareness.

So meditating into primordial awareness and working to activate your heart center are two approaches to the same end: two paths to the same stream. Spending time in primordial awareness helps one unwind the illusions and glamours of Earthly consciousness and thus expand into unified, universal perception. It helps one develop many evolutionary aspects of heart awareness – the beneficial qualities of courage, truth, love, altruism, compassion and justice. Being in Primordial Awareness helps purify and heal the heart.

So I hope you have found this information helpful. I offer it to benefit the liberation of all beings in all realms – and to generating peace and beauty on Earth.

In radiant love and light, Althor