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 Paul Temple here from the Diamond Light Network. Thanks for checking out my blog.

 The content of all of my podcasts and blogs is “channeled” so to speak – it is information that comes via my intuitive guidance – my spirit guides – through a process of automatic writing. However this process changed recently and I came to meet Althor as the spirit being who has provided these insights.

 This cycle of podcasts called “Messages from Althor” is Althor speaking directly as himself – but through me, Paul. To learn more about Althor you can read my blog titled “Messages from Althor #1” where he introduces himself.

 Namaste,  Paul Temple


Greetings Dear One,

Today I would like to offer you four key points that are common ways humans misunderstand and carry confusion regarding the heart center. It is very important that these points be clarified so humans begin to understand the true nature of the energy center of the heart.

The four common misunderstandings are:

  1. The Heart Center is the same as the anatomical Heart or Heart Chakra.
  2. The Heart is about emotions and feelings.
  3. The Heart is about romantic love.
  4. My Heart is so broken I will never love again.


  1. The Heart Center is the same as the Anatomical Heart or Heart Chakra.
    The Heart Center we speak of is different from both the anatomical heart and the heart chakra. The Heart Center is a “pearl of light” that resides in the heart chakra but it is distinctly different from the chakra itself. In the Vedas the Heart Center is referred to as the “bindi in the heart chakra”. It is the “seed of divine consciousness” and the “seat of the soul”. This pearl of light radiates what the Tibetans call the Vajra – or Diamond Light – that is your essential luminous nature.

For each person – who is a soul dwelling in a human body – the heart center is the home of the soul. It is also the place where the soul is connected to the larger spiritual presence and quantum consciousness. As we know that “all things are connected”, it is through each person’s heart center that the weaving of the universal fabric of creation is connected.  The heart is the center pulse of your authentic soul wisdom – and your sovereign soul self.


  1. The Heart is about Emotions and Feelings.
    Perceiving through the Heart Center is a type of “feeling” – but this is different than emotional feeling and sensory feeling. “Feeling” is another word, like “heart” that has several often confused meanings. The way you “feel” touch with our fingers, the way you “feel” sadness and the way you “feel” or perceive subtle energies are each a different modality. As you integrate Heart awareness into your daily consciousness you become more sensitive to subtle energies. Some of the modes of perceiving subtle energies include intuition, telepathy and empathy. You often use the word “feeling” to describe these modes of perception, but they are different from sensory and emotional feeling.

Humans often equate emotional pain and sensitivity with the heart – speaking of having a “broken heart” – but while the heart center is impacted when one experiences deep emotional pain, the light in the heart center is indestructible. The qualities of the heart center are not really about emotional feelings. The qualities of the heart center include courage, wisdom, truth, equanimity and, of course, love.


  1. The Heart is about Romantic Love.
    Romantic love is a confusing and painful human misconception that has become the primary cultural association of the heart. Romantic love ascribes the expectation that one human can fulfill the perfection of divine love for another. While the heart center can be awakened in the early phase of romantic love, this illusory relationship construct initiates a kalaidascopic interplay of projection, counter-projection, disappointment and karmic pain that usually ends with both hearts getting shut down.

An endless library of books, dramas, films, music and poetry repeatedly tell the painful outcome of this seductive delusion. Romantic love is a construct that emerged in the dark times when both the human heart center and sexual energies were highly repressed – and became confusedly intertwined with the biological mating process.

True divine love – the light of the heart center – is different, and actually much, much more, that the emotional constructs humans currently hold about romantic love.  The Heart Center’s primary functions are as the seat of the soul and your connection to quantum consciousness. The Heart Center radiates unconditional love, beauty and bliss. You can perceive this in luminous Earthly beings like Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha and Yogananda. These beings model the full potential of embodied divine love that emanates from the heart center – which is a state all people can attain.

While deep and abiding love can exist between life-partners, one cannot expect another wounded human to fulfill the soul’s longing for divine love. When an innocent heart projects all its love onto another soul, the karmic wounding of both souls becomes activated – setting off a confusing cycle of pain and disappointment.  Healing the heart – as I will note later  – is a complex, life-long process that involves letting the human illusions of love – and the self – fall away to reveal one’s true essential nature.

There certainly are lovers, partners and soul mates who love each other deeply.  Many of these relationships are magnetized through soul agreements to help each other fulfill each other’s life-purpose and lessons. Even romantic relationships that end in pain and confusion can be soul lessons about illusion, desire and attraction. Relationships can work when they are based in a mutual love and respect. Relationships will founder when they are based in illusory romantic expectations. These are the expectations that another can person fulfill the dreams, desires and divine bliss that every human longs for – which can only be found by awakening the divine love in your own heart.


  1. “My Heart is so broken I will never love again”

We understand the pain you feel, but the heart center, as we speak of it, cannot be broken. The diamond light of the Vajra is indestructible. However, the emotional pain of grief and loss can cause the lotus petals of the heart protector to close and seemingly shut down the heart center. Emotional pain and grief are aspects of the emotional body. Shock and trauma affect the nervous system.  So what you call a “broken heart” is not actually such, but as all things are connected, emotional pain and grief can touch the heart center and close it in protection.

You were born as innocent-hearted babies into a world full of pain, confusion and trauma. The heart of humanity has been wounded and shut down for centuries from surviving through a dark age of horrific war, slavery, genocide, oppression, corruption and all the other traumatizing things humans do to each other.

Human birth in itself is an agonizing and traumatizing experience. Then, upon arrival on Earth, the new born baby begins to take on the dysfunctional distortions of their family. They take on the ancestral patterns that can manifest as abuse, addiction, repression, belief systems, self-doubt and sub-conscious fear – many of which have been passed on from generation to generation for centuries. These “ancestral lines” that survived slavery, survived the holocaust, survived genocide or survived war have all been deeply wounded.

Healing the heart is possible. Healing the heart is a core soul-purpose for many of you. Healing the heart involves realizing the true nature of the heart and unwinding the illusions of self and of love that have become deeply ingrained in collective human consciousness through generations of ancestral patterning.

It can be helpful to remember how, through your human history,  people with strong hearts – with bright-hearted courage – carved a path of truth, inspiration and vision through the dark age. Courageous leaders, inspiring visionaries, artists, poets and spiritual masters have been leading the awakening of the collective human heart for Centuries. Progress is happening.

While your heart centers have become armored to protect from the pain and confusion of human existence, the pure heart light – the Vajra radiance  – is indestructible.  The Tibetan mantra “Om Mani Pema Hum” translates as  “The Jewel in the Lotus”.  This refers to the many petaled lotus flower that envelopes the Heart Center to protect it. Healing the Heart Center involves peeling away the layers of protection – the petals of the lotus flower – that have built up from experiences of pain and sorrow so we can return to our authentic, sovereign soul-self.

There are times in your lives – and there have been times in human history – when it feels like that light has been extinguished and lost. But like the turning of the tides, like the phases  of the moon and seasons of the sun, you live in spiraling cycles of light and dark.

While a “total eclipse of the heart” may appear to be caused by outer forces, such as loss, betrayal, abuse, oppression and trauma, one should be aware on the subtle planes that one’s Akashic soul encoding attracts the soul lessons that have been destined to be learned.  Sometimes the earthly ego needs to be shaken out of its old patterns to find a new path and identity.

The human heart center – and true love – are different – and much, much more  – than you are taught as humans. As you begin to release these old concepts and realize the true nature of these phenomena, your understanding of what it means to be human, your understanding of love and the heart and your understanding of life and existence will begin to change dramatically.

A soul may actually choose to be born into an ancestral family lineage of abuse so the soul can move through the healing process to regain one’s heart light and end the lineage of trauma and fear. These are the mysteries of the soul path and the karmic magnetism that attracts activities and energies into your life.

As the seat of the soul, our hearts are encoded with our “Akashic” soul memory and purpose. The heart center magnetizes and manifests our outer reality to this end. It may be necessary to have one’s heart get “broken” to begin to unwind the false nature of the old constructs – so that you each may begin to discover and feel the much larger and magnificent nature of divine love.

I hope these revealing these misunderstandings of the heart are of benefit to you – and to all beings.

In radiant love and light,