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 Paul Temple here from the Diamond Light Network. Thanks for checking out my blog.

 The content of all of my podcasts and blogs is “channeled” so to speak – it is information that comes via my intuitive guidance – my spirit guides – through a process of automatic writing. However this process changed recently and I came to meet Althor as the spirit being who has provided these insights.

 This cycle of podcasts called “Messages from Althor” is Althor speaking directly as himself – but through me, Paul. To learn more about Althor you can read my blog titled “Messages from Althor #1” where he introduces himself.

 Namaste,  Paul Temple


Greetings Dear One,

One reason it is important to awaken your heart center in this time is that there is much distortion, corruption, repression and delusion in the field of collective human awareness. The path to finding truth – and the path out of the chaos of the collective distortion – is through heart-centered awareness.

The confusing kaleidoscope of your external reality-field generates much fear and paranoia in many people. Like a kaleidoscope, the fear and paranoia is a filtered lens through which people choose to perceive – although it is largely an unconscious choice.

Perceiving through this lens of fear and paranoia results in people generating future-visions of dystopian doomsday scenarios. The more energized people get around these fear-based scenarios, the more they begin to magnetize and manifest these destructive scenarios. It is people unknowingly using their creative power to magnetize and manifest a fear-based future.

This is not to say that awareness of negative outcomes to certain paths should be ignored or repressed.  There is benefit to raising dystopian scenarios if people use them to reveal and steer away from a future you do NOT want to create. However the emotional glamors of the fear-based scenarios can entrap people to begin to actualize, magnetize and manifest these dark possible-futures.

So it is important to recognize the possible-futures you do NOT want to manifest AND to envision possible-futures you DO want to manifest. Do not underestimate the power of VISION to plant seeds of future-creation.  This is a power – and gift – not well understood in the human realms. The power of Vision aligned with the right use of Will is a potent combination that humans will become more aware of in the next phase of conscious evolution.

Human awareness is predominantly mental at this time. Within the mental constructs of your collective-reality it is easy to get lost in the miasmic carnival of fear and delusion. As you awaken heart-centered awareness you can remember the infinite, luminous possibilities of your soul-based presence. In this heart-soul memory you can sense and reveal the greater truth and the greater potential of your being – both individually and collectively.

The importance of remembering heart-centered awareness now is that it helps you detach from the delusionary glamors and distortions of the outer mental reality. It helps you extract from the sticky web of collective dramas and the culture of disbelief. This does not mean one should ignore these destructive constructs. It means one must learn to perceive their destructive nature, detach from the drama and then choose to engage, amplify and manifest a heart-centered future-vision for yourself and humanity.

The mental collective reality is very topsy-turvy, fluid and manipulative. It has no center. It is polarized and twisty. It can turn truth into illusion and illusion into truth. It seeks to capture and control your energy and attention through emotional drama and fear. The fear can create a delusion of importance and truth  — but it is not a truth that is rooted in love and soul-awareness.  Mental awareness creates duality: self-other,  good – bad, right – wrong, etc..

The heart center is where opposites meet. Heart awareness creates unity and oneness.  This does not mean all things are the same. Heart awareness simply reminds us that all things are connected and inter-related.

This provides a good tool for filtering truth from illusion: is a thought or action rooted in love and well-being for all-being? Does it generate compassion, kindness, generosity and altruism? These are the qualities of the heart that will bring humanity back to truth – and back to manifesting a future-vision based in your evolutionary soul potential.

Activating heart awareness can help you remember your power as a creator of reality. You are not a passive rider on the ship of Earth. You are an engaged participant whose thoughts, words and deeds are contributing to the collective field. Be attentive to this engagement.  Reflect on how your creative powers will impact humanity for seven generations. You have choice and responsibility in creating the future of life on Earth.

May this information be of benefit to you and All Being,

In Radiance Love and Light,