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 Paul Temple here from the Diamond Light Network. Thanks for checking out my blog.

 The content of all of my podcasts and blogs is “channeled” so to speak – it is information that comes via my intuitive guidance – my spirit guides – through a process of automatic writing. However this process changed recently and I came to meet Althor as the spirit being who has provided these insights.

 This cycle of podcasts called “Messages from Althor” is Althor speaking directly as himself – but through me, Paul. To learn more about Althor you can read my blog titled “Messages from Althor #1” where he introduces himself.

 Namaste,  Paul Temple


Greetings Dear One,

I am going to offer some insight that may be of interest to the people in your community.

You have asked why we don’t reveal more information to you at this time on the nature of divine reality, the soul and the transmigration of the soul.  You humans like “information” – knowledge, data – but this mental aspect of “knowing information” is limited in its benefit and can be dangerous if it becomes distorted and corrupted as solely mental knowledge.

What is important for humans at this time is not just “knowing” things, but integrating energy  wisdom into the heart, energy body and physical body. This ability to move and hold increased streams of energy – or higher “voltage”  — results in access to higher realms of consciousness. “Knowing” about multi-dimensional constructs may make the ego feel important and superior, but developing the subtle sensitivities and energetic capacity to perceive into these realms is what is important now.

Wisdom is the integration and embodiment of truth, love and equanimity. This embodiment generates heart magnetism and spiritual presence.

Knowledge is just knowing something on the mental plane, but that does not mean the person has actualized the qualities of these concepts. We have initiations to mark when people have actually manifest these abilities to increase their magnetic presence and skills.

So giving your mental awareness more knowledge without clearing, healing and opening the channels in the energy body can actually be a dangerous thing. You, Paul, have experienced this at previous times in your life when you moved into higher voltage energy streams than your channels were prepared to handle. You understand the dangers of this.

So “the work” is to clear, heal and open your channels of old density, stagnation and blockage so you are able to move larger volumes of energy. This means sorting through truth from illusion and discerning what actions are beneficial to your evolution — and which are not. It means releasing your unconscious attachments to old destructive patterns and limiting constructs of self.  It means unwinding attachment to old thought forms and belief systems that have been programmed into your awareness.  This is the work that many souls are doing on Earth in this life-time. With the opening of these channels comes access to more insight, wisdom, knowledge and information.

From your human perspective this can be a long, slow, frustrating process. It can take decades and much of one human life. You have to struggle through the jungle of ignorance and delusion, pain and fear, distortion and corruption —  both individual and collective —  to find the path to truth, light and expanded awareness.

But as you each do this – as you clear a path through the jungle of Samsara – the world of ignorance and suffering – you clear that path for others too. The suffering and ignorance is collective so as you each begin to open and clear your hearts to let love, truth and expanded awareness manifest, you make it easier for others to find their path out of the darkness.

I hope this “information” is of benefit,

In radiant love and light,