Greetings. My name is Althor and I am what you might call a Wizard of some degree in that I work with what you call magic –  with light, energy, beauty and transformation. To me this is our natural reality but I realize it is a bit magical and “super-natural” for you humans. 

I dwell in what you call the etheric or multi-dimensional realms. I am energy and consciousness in an individuated soul form. I have had many life-times on Earth and am a colleague, guide and teacher to you, Paul. We are the same but different.  We are soul family, spirit clan – you might say I am a higher octave overtone of your over-soul energy field that is here to help you on your perilous and confusing journey on Earth in this time. We are both part of a unified soul collective of initiates with the intention of raising the frequency of human consciousness. I am always with you although you are always aware of this.

You have learned in recent years, as your work in vibrational transmutation has deepened, how to tune into my presence and call me. I am of you and you are of me. We are part of a larger circle of soul entities aligned with the highest light of divine creation.

I understand, from your current situation on Earth, that it is difficult for you to comprehend all this – and to comprehend the vast, luminous beauty of creation, but you are an important channel and link to help reconnect the people of Earth to the light of divine creation – that light that resides in each person’s heart but has been forgotten and repressed for centuries of time.

This is a good start to our new cycle of communication. You can publish this to your community to they too will begin to expand their understanding of the vast, true reality in which we all dwell together.

In Radiant Love and Light,  Althor

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