When we activate our hearts, we remember who we really are:
Luminous beings of love and infinite awareness.

The more one strengthens and identifies with the light in the heart, the more one embodies the true self.
One is less prone to be pulled off center by outside projections, desires and glamors.
You become grounded in your authentic truth and presence.


In the DLN we work with a series of simple practices that help activate our heart-centers. The practices are rooted in Nada Yoga and the Vajrayana tradition of ancient Tibet. These are mystical teachings to open the Vajra – or Diamond Light in our heart centers – through sound, chanting and visualization.

Sound and chanting are vehicles to generate vibrational energy and wisdom. The sound waves move through the cells in our physical body and our etheric body, infusing our field with essential energy. Remembering that all vibration is an emanation of the primordial pulse of creation, the chanting of our own voice connects us with our own primordial creative power. It is said that when one chants a mantra, one becomes the mantra because you are filling your being with the qualities of the mantra. When you chant a deity mantra you become the qualities of deity. When you chant a Vajra mantra, you become the Vajra.

Visualization is a way to focus the mind to generate energy: Energy follows thought. What we think with our mind becomes manifest in our world. So visualizing ourselves with a luminous heart and diamond geometrics in our energy field manifests these qualities in our reality. Given the density of our  earthly 3D consciousness, this may not be an instantaneous manifestation, but over time, as energy builds and attracts, the visualizations take root.   

These Diamond Light practices are very simple visualizations. The full Vajrayana teachings involve visualizing very complex mandalas and deity images in intricate detail. But we are starting here with very simple images  – like learning to add 2 + 2 in first grade. The impact can still be profound in activating the light in our hearts and connections to quantum consciousness. The geometrics can evolve into more complex, multi-dimensional forms – like the merkaba and shri yantra – but these core practices are very potent in the basic form.

Here is a written description of the basic practice. There are audio and video instructions available as well, accompanied by Paul’s chanting. It is recommended to play recordings of RadianceMatrix while doing these practices. The music is already encoded with the Vajra radiance, so it helps catalyze and crystallize the energetic connections.

PHASE 1: The Pearl of Light:
Close your eyes and place your hands on your heart center, breathing into your heart, connecting, feeling heart coherence. Notice how this impacts your mind and body.

Remembering that the Vajra – or diamond radiance – manifests as pure light floating in a sphere of omniscient awareness, radiating our pure innate nature, we visualize a pearl of light in our heart, in the center of the chest. Sensing, seeing, feeling that glowing orb begin to brighten and pulse as you give it attention.

This is the simple first step: becoming aware of the pearl of light in your heart. Visualize it, feel it, feel how feeling it affects the rest of your mind and body. Just be with it –

You can tone or hum the sound AUM – softly if you like – in a long sustained sound. Take a breath and then tone again, keeping the sound going for a few minutes. Letting the vibrations of your voice harmonize and amplify the radiant pearl of light in your heart… welcoming it, nurturing it, singing with it as the vibrations of light and sound move through your physical and energy bodies.

PHASE 2: Connecting the Axis of Light
As a second step, I invite you to again visualize that Pearl of Light in your heart, and now see a spiral of light descend from the pearl, down through your root chakra, down into the heart of the Earth. On your next inhale, breathe that connection back up into your heart. Take a few breaths sending and receiving through that spiral of light – connecting your heart with the heart of the Earth.

Now, on your next exhale, send another spiral of light from the top of the Pearl up through your crown chakra, then up into the stars: connecting with your star guides, your star family. Then inhale, bringing that spiral back down through your crown into your heart. Take a few breaths sending and receiving through that spiral of light – connecting your heart with the stars and the vastness of the sky. Heaven and Earth meeting in your heart, you are like a great tree with roots in the Earth and branches reaching to the sky, your luminous Pearl of Light in the center.

Now, across the horizontal plane, we send another set of spirals from your Pearl going out North and South. The exact directions are not important, it is more about the geometry of your energy body reaching into the horizontal plane – this axis of North – South meeting the axis of heaven and earth in your heart center, forming a great cross – the crossroads of your inner being.

The finally we send another axis of light from the Pearl into the horizontal plane going East-West, extending, expanding your connection into all three dimensions, the light in your heart is now a jewel – “an inseparable part of  the jeweled fabric of the universe”.

Now just sit, breathe, feel. Observe how your heart feels with this activation and connection.

You can chant AUM or hum, adding more vibrational encoding to the visualization. You can also play recordings of RadianceMatrix while holding the visualizations, and chant along.

In closing, it is good to draw the spirals of light back into your Pearl. The channels are always there, but good to not have them too open as your return to Earthly reality. Breathe into your heart, affirming the light in yourself and your connection to all beings.

Sometimes close with the affirmation:

I am safe, I am clear
I am free from all fear.
I am Light, I am strong
I am connected
To all living beings.

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