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Our hearts have been battered and broken, traumatized and armored as we live in a world that has forgotten the subtle sensitivities of the heart. For centuries, through a dark age of heartless horrors, humans have seemingly forgotten the beauty, love and radiant power of the light in our hearts.
But within the shell of the heart protector, safely enveloped by the folded petals of the lotus flower, the inner light of the heart still resides – pure, true, radiant and indestructible. We simply need to re-connect with that pure essence to reclaim our soul sovereignty. Babies’ hearts are pure when they are born. The pain, trauma and armoring that shut down the heart are learned – and can be unlearned.
The heart is the seat of the soul. This is not the anatomical heart, but the energy center we know as the place of love, truth, courage and spiritual connection. Connecting into the heart helps us find inner balance and stability amongst the swirling illusions and dramas happening around us.
In Heart Space we can remember who we really are – we can connect with the power and wisdom of our soul. We can hear our intuitive guidance to help navigate and stay centered in the outer storm.
“Beautiful Music, Sacred Space” ~ Deva Premal & Miten
Sound Temple is a sonic sanctuary where we remember ourselves as vibrational beings and bathe in the healing sound of Paul Temple’s Tibetan Bowls and chanting. It is a sacred space to rest, renew — and to remember our luminous essence and connection with quantum consciousness. Meditating with the bowls can accelerate the evolution of consciousness by awakening intuitive and vibrational sensitivities.
“Peaceful. Penetrating. Pure. These words have been used to describe Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix, who has toured internationally with his musical meditations. His album RADIANCE MIXES, featuring the voice of Deva Premal, went to #5 on iTunes World Music chart. Paul’s transcendental music is said to create harmonic architectures of sonic geometry – constellating into a cathedral of light.
This is a FREE, live, online meditation with Tibetan bowl and chanting.
It is best to prepare a quiet space for the session with a candle, incense, crystals and good quality speakers or headphones.
“ Paul is incredibly gifted. His voice opens portals and transcends lifetimes.”
~ Ad Sach Kaur, Colorado Springs


May great waves of benefit be accomplished, without obstacle, for the benefit of all sentient beings.


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