The Diamond Light Network is an international array of people
committed to activating their heart centers
to accelerate human evolution.

Our mission: we invite people to consider the possibility that the next step in human evolution is to awaken the human heart so we can fully embody our spiritual nature and higher consciousness. We are in a critical time when humans must do this to become a more enlightened species to create a more peaceful and collaborative civilization on Earth.

Most everyone knows what we mean by the human “heart”. We are not referring to the physical heart, nor the heart chakra, but to that place in our being that is connected to spirit, to love, to deep knowing and mystery. This concept of the heart has existed in human consciousness since the dawn of time. While some consider it mythical or poetic, we believe it is a real part of the human energy system and one of the most profound and powerful resources of human existence.

The heart is not just about love, it is the center for universal connection and communication. By fully activating this center we can take not only an evolutionary step, but a quantum leap in our comprehension of life on Earth and in the Universe. We have also found that as the heart center awakens people begin to develop certain capabilities such as intuition, clairvoyance, empathy and sensitivity to subtle energy, so we call these “evolutionary skills”

There are many serious challenges facing humanity in this time: climate change, species extinction, massive ecosystem destruction for economic gain, poverty, pollution, oppression, human migrations, war, economic imbalances….  The list goes on. We cannot solve these challenges at the level of consciousness from which they were created. While there may be technological solutions at hand, they can only be implemented with massive systemic, political and social change – and that can only happen if we raise the collective consciousness of humanity. Consciousness is changed by each person working to expand their own individual awareness. 

This is why YOU can change the world and help humanity evolve by activating your heart center. This is something anyone and everyone can do. 

We encourage people to start finding ways to activate their heart center. A first step is to talk to your friends about this premise. Bring awareness to the reality of the heart. There are some simple exercises to activate the heart on this website. 


Anyone with the common intention of developing their heart center to support the spiritual evolution of
humanity can join the Diamond Light Network. There is no cost. We simply serve as a resource and community for those inspired by our premise. To join and keep connected you can sign onto our email list (we will set up an email sign-up soon, but in the meantime please send an email to – DiamondLightNetwork@gmail.com – asking to join list)  or join our Facebook group (Diamond Light Network). 

For more information on retreats and practices, please visit the DIAMOND LIGHT NETWORK PROGRAMS page.  

There is also a list of other resources for activating our hearts. There are many people all over the world offering activities to the same end: there are many paths to the top of the mountain. We encourage each person to find the path that suits them best.

The Diamond Light Network was founded by Paul Temple who received inspiration by seeking to awaken his own heart. Through many years involved with mystical teachings and Tibetan biased Vajrayana practices, his guides have led him on this “path of shining Light” to help others awaken their hearts. The music of his RadianceMatrix offers a transmission of the Vajara — or Diamond Light – energies. For more information about Paul’s music go to the page  “About the music of Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix”.

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