Diamond Light Programs

Diamond Light Network Programs

When we individually activate our hearts, we can become more embodied in our true self and make direct connection with higher consciousness. The more we strengthen and identify with the light in the heart, the less we can be pulled off center by outside projections, desires and glamors. We become grounded in our authentic truth and presence.

The more people that awaken their hearts and come into true heart-awareness, the more we raise the collective consciousness of humanity. Like in the old parable of the Hundredth Monkey, this enlightened consciousness expands exponentially – not arithmetically – with each person who taps into it. So as you awaken your heart you are making it easier for numerous other people do the same.


The Diamond Light Network is dedicated to helping people awaken their heart centers toward accelerating the evolution of human consciousness. This work is offered for the benefit of all beings – all our relations – as service to the world; as a gift to the people.

 We offer workshops, retreats and concerts to help people learn simple, accessible practices to activate the heart-center. The practices are rooted in Nada Yoga and the Vajrayana tradition of ancient Tibet. These are mystical teachings to awaken the Vajra – or Diamond Light in our hearts – through sound, chanting and visualization. The Vajrayana practices – sometimes called “the speedy path to enlightenment” – help us become more awake and enlightened beings. While rooted in ancient teachings, the practices are new and intended for people in this time. Through participation you will become part of a network of spiritual allies supporting you on the deepest levels to awaken your evolutionary potential.

The programs include immersion in the basic Diamond Light Practices, as well as yoga, meditation, singing, chakra attunements and exercises to develop skills in intuition and telepathy.  

Paul Temple is the main presenter of these programs. He has received guidance on developing these practices for “21st Century mind” to help people activate their Vajra radiance. Others are invited to share their wisdom and insights. This is a collaborative, collective journey we are on — learning and creating the new path together.

 Those of you who have experienced the music of Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix understand the music he channels catalyzes and deepens the process of Diamond Light activation. The Vajra energies generated by his Tibetan bowls and chanting resonate the Vajra light in our hearts so we can remember our evolutionary potential.


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